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COMPACT Access Height Restrictor - Pivot

COMPACT Access Height Restrictor – Pivot action is a Strong steel and aluminium construction ideal for restricting access to vans, commercial vehicles, caravans, motorhomes etc. to car parks, traffic lanes etc. Can be easily rotated to allow access for authorised over-height vehicles, emergency vehicles etc. – lockable in open or closed positions with triangular key, optional cylinder-lock or locking pin (secured by padlock – not supplied).

  • Easily installed.
  • Restricts access to vans, caravans etc.
  • Allows passage of authorised vehicles.
  • Three integral height levels.
  • Strong construction.


Surface car parks, retail car parks, multi-story car parks, private roads, drives etc.


       Pivot Posts
  • Size: 100 x 100 x 3mm square
  • Base Plate 300 x 300mm. Drilled 6 holes 15mm Dia.
  • O/all Height: 2,810mm.
  • Widths: 3,205mm to 5,205mm. Two assemblies installed opposing each other can restrict access up to 10,450mm wide (Restricted width can be up to 12,000mm).

       Height Restrictor

  • Adjustable heights: 2,650mm, 2,500mm, 2,200mm (Heights can be reduced further by up to 400mm with nudge bars suspended on chains)
  • Cross bar: 105mm x 60mm
  • Optional Nudge bar: 40 x 30 x 2mm supplied with suspension chain 6mm gauge with threaded connectors.


  • Support Posts: Steel
  • Suspension Chain: Steel
  • Cross bar: Aluminium
  • Nudge bar: Aluminium


  • Posts: Hot Dip Galvanised and Powder coated Red
  • Cross bar: White with Red Reflective panels
  • Nudge bar: White with red reflective panels
  • Locking method: Triangular key


  • Chain suspended aluminium nudge bar
  • Cylinder locking
  • Locking Pin secured by padlock (Padlock not supplied)
  • Can be supplied for permanent fixing in concrete
Note: We recommend that appropriate signage is used with this product.

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COMPACT Access Height Restrictor - Pivot: Versions and models

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COMPACT Access Height Restrictor - Pivot () ()Clear width (mm)Weight
265032053000 55.00 305.27.817
37053500 60.00 305.22.859
42054000 65.00 305.23.208
47054500 70.00 305.22.147
52055000 75.00 305.22.810
40020003000-5000 mm 8.00 305.21.100
Sub-Surface Conversion Anchor 8.00 222.22.548
Replacement Triangular Key 0.20 130.19.874

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