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COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier

The COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier provides a reliable and effective barrier for small to medium sized entrance ways.The barrier is powered by a combination of internal battery and solar power. Installation is extremely simple as the unit comes preassembled, just bolt down in selected position and fit boom arm to pivot post assembly. No outside electrical supply required.

  • Highly visible boom arm with red reflective strips.
  • All aluminium construction.
  • Solar powered operation.
  • Manual override in case of emergency.


Private estate entrances, car parks, building entrances etc.


       Pivot Post
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dims: 150 x 150 x 1,000mmH
  • Base plate: 200 x 200 x 5mm Gauge
       Boom Arm
  • Dims: 60mm Dia.
  • Max. length: 2,500mm
  • Max drive thru: 2,650mm

Operational Cycles:

  • Battery: Up to 2,500 cycles/day (approx.)
  • Solar module: Additional 50 cycles / day (approx.)
  • Remote control: 12m range

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COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier

with Remote Control & 1x 6v Battery

MaterialColourOverall length (mm)Clear width (mm)Weight
Steel (post), aluminium (barrier boom)red/white13501200 29.50 223.26.830
16501500 30.00 223.21.698
21502000 30.50 223.24.144
26502500 31.00 223.29.795
COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier - Additional Remote Fob 1.00 223.20.969
COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier - Additional Rechargeable Battery (6 volt) 0.50 223.23.724
COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier - Optional Battery Charger 223.26.644

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