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These all steel constructed TRAFFIC-LINE Gate Barriers are ideal for situations in which pedestrian or cycle access is permitted, but where general vehicle access is prohibited, such as schools, universities, bridges, footpaths, public parks etc.

Manufactured in high quality steel, they can be opened like a normal gate, allowing access to authorised vehicles. The gates open through 90° and can be locked in either open or closed positions. Locking bars can be secured with padlocks (not supplied) to prevent unauthorised operation. 

Standard supply is for the support posts to be embedded in concrete to a depth of 500mm. (Surface mounted option complete with fixing bolts available on request).
All steel parts are Hot Dip Galvanised and painted red, with the gate wings Hot Dip Galvanised and painted red and white.

  • 1 barrier = two gate wings
  • Easy to operate
  • Can be locked open or closed
  • Compact design

  • Pivot post: 100mm Ø
  • O/al height: 1,500mm (1,000mm above surface, 500mm sub-surface)
  • Gate wings: 60 x 30mm (Widths over 3m have additional telescopic support)

TRAFFIC-LINE Gate Barrier - Variants

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steel, hot dip galvanised and painted, for embedding in concrete

Barrier widthHeight above groundOverall heightTotal length per wing (mm)Clear width per wing (mm)Weight
20001000150013801250 75.00 221.27.337
300018801750 90.00 221.27.647
400023802250 105.00 221.21.054
500028802750 120.00 221.28.968
600033803250 135.00 221.22.500
700038803750 150.00 221.27.058

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