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Accessories Boom and Swing Barriers

Accessories Boom and Swing Barriers: Versions and models

The table below shows you the available versions and models of product Accessories Boom and Swing Barriers so that you can choose the product that best matches your needs.
Click the product number to view the data sheet of the selected version or model.

Important note about product prices

This website is for product information only. Please contact us for partner/distributor details if you wish to purchase.

Replacement Triangular Key 0.20 130.19.874
Additional anchor sleeve with, lid for, PARAT gate barrier 0.20 220.12.336
Sub-Surface Conversion Anchor 8.00 222.22.548
Rescue services triangular lock, for COMPACT hand-operated boom barrier, instead of cylinder lock 0.10 224.21.708
COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier - Optional Battery Charger 0.50 223.26.644
COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier - Additional Rechargeable Battery (6 volt) 0.50 223.23.724
COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier - Additional Remote Fob 1.00 223.20.969
Cylinder lock, for PARAT gate barrier 0.00 220.25.602
Rescue services triangular lock, instead of cylinder lock, for COMPACT boom barriers, (1 lock per boom) 0.80 222.24.919
Turn and rest post for embedding in concrete, for COMPACT barrier with rest post 16.00 222.26.318
Turn post for embedding in concrete, for COMPACT boom barriers 8.00 222.22.570

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