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TRAFFIC-LINE Permanent Belt Posts

The TRAFFIC-LINE Permanent Belt Post system is an efficient method of providing barriers and guidance and provides the ideal solution for the clear demarcation of pedestrian areas from vehicular traffic.

  • Self-tensioning bi-colour 3m belts.
  • Damped mechanism ensures belt control.
  • Aluminium posts in 4 colours.
  • Bases moulded in GRP.
  • Secure 3 point fixing for permanent installation.


Ideal for use in warehouses, distribution depots, industrial premises, outdoor facilities, public buildings etc.


  • Overall height: 895mm
  • Post dia.: 60mm
  • Base plate dia. 155mm
  • Weight (approx.) 1.8kg


  • Wall receiver clips

Versions/models of TRAFFIC-LINE Permanent Belt Posts

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TRAFFIC-LINE Permanent Belt Posts

HxØ (mm)Belt length (mm)Weight
Belt colourColourArticle
895x603000 2.30 black/silver/blackwhite 179.19.753
red/white stripedred 179.88.066
yellow/black stripedyellow 179.88.039
black/silver/blacksilver 179.19.416

MORION Gurtpfosten,
Oberteil Aluminium lackiert,
zum AufdĂĽbeln

H xØ (mm)Belt length (mm)Breite GurtbandWeight
Belt colourColourArticle
895 x603000 2.30 black/silver/blackwhite 179.19.753
50red/white stripedred 179.88.066
yellow/black stripedyellow 179.88.039
black/silver/blacksilver 179.19.416


Wall Receiver Clip 0.20 179.16.000
Magnetic Wall Clip 0.30 179.26.987
Belt Joiner 0.20 179.17.430

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