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TRAFFIC-LINE Column Protector

The TRAFFIC-LINE Column Protectors provide strong protection for vulnerable columns, exposed pipework etc. against damage by motorised transport.

  • ‘One way’ assembly for easy installation.
  • Strong steel construction.
  • Isolates column from impact shock.
  • Highly visible versions.
  • 8 Fixing bolts requires per guard (supplied separately).


Warehouses, logistic depots, street posts and trees, factories, public buildings etc.


  • Dimensions: H x W x D (mm)
                               600 x 520 x 520. Inner: 400 x 400
                               600 x 620 x 620. Inner: 500 x 500
                               600 x 720 x 720. Inner: 600 x 600
  • Diameter: 60/48mm
  • Wall thickness: 2mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Anchor plates: 4 x 160 x 70 x 10mm (Drilled 2 holes per plate)


  • Plastic Coated.
  • Hot Dip Galvanised.
  • Hot Dip Galvanised & Powder Coated Yellow with Black Bands

Standard product is surface mounted with bolts. Sub-surface adapter plates available for root fixing.

TRAFFIC-LINE Column Protector: Versions and models

The table below shows you the available versions and models of product TRAFFIC-LINE Column Protector so that you can choose the product that best matches your needs.
Click the product number to view the data sheet of the selected version or model.

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Important note about product prices

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TRAFFIC-LINE Column Protector
Steel, D 60/48 mm,

Height 600 mm

Width (mm)Depth (mm)FinishColourWeight
520520hot-dip galvanisedzinc coloured 14.50 200.22.925
powder coatedyellow/black 200.26.557
hot-dip galvanised + powder-coated 200.20.623
620620hot-dip galvanisedzinc coloured 16.00 200.29.787
powder coatedyellow/black 200.28.694
hot-dip galvanised + powder-coated 200.23.561
720720hot-dip galvanisedzinc coloured 17.50 200.26.195
powder coatedyellow/black 200.24.782
hot-dip galvanised + powder-coated 200.29.660


Through Bolt Anchors 12 x 110mm 0.30 109.24.665
Rawl Bolts 8 x 100mm 0.20 109.17.393
Sub-surface adapter for TRAFFIC-Line Column Protector, 160 x 70 x 10mm, Length 300mm, with 2 M12 screws 4.00 200.20.157

Do you have questions about TRAFFIC-LINE Column Protector?

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