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Collision Protection Accessories

Collision Protection Accessories : Choose your version/model

For details of product Collision Protection Accessories , please refer to the table below listing all key features and versions.
If you wish to view a product data sheet of the selected version or model, click the product number.

Important note about product prices

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Accessories Impact Protection
Rawl Bolts 8 x 100mm 0.20 109.17.393
Rawl Bolts 14 x 110mm 0.20 109.18.268
Through Bolt Anchors 12 x 120mm 0.30 109.24.665
Through Bolts 16 x 140mm 0.30 109.14.550
TRAFFIC-LINE FLEX Impact Protection Railing System - Shock Absorber Pads - 50 x 200 x 200mm Black 0.60 422.21.456
FLEX element for impact guard rail, for upright post, polyurethane, black, HxWxD 50x146x166 mm 0.40 422.23.497
Chemical Anchor Set 10/170mm 2.00 109.20.858
BLACK BULL Low Level Guard Rails - Plastic End caps for 'C' Profile rails - Black 0.10 198.26.315
BLACK BULL Low Level Guard Rails - Rail Extension Set Aluminum - Powder Coated - Yellow 1.50 198.25.794
Root fixing adapter for BLACK BULL FLEX Heavy Duty Bollards - 200 x 200 x 10mm, Ø 76mm 5.00 199.25.395
Wall socket for Removable type - Hot Dip Galavanised 2.00 201.27.454
Column Guard Extender, for TRAFFIC LINE Column Protectors, 200x1,100 mm 5.00 206.21.704
Lashing Strap, for TRAFFIC-LINE Column Protectors, Length 4,000 mm 0.50 206.23.007

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