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Protection Railings

What makes the BLACK BULL impact barrier railing unique?


Top-grade steel can absorb extremely high forces. If the impact is too great to be absorbed by the barrier system, the steel is deformed. This does not affect the barrier function of the system.
In contrast, other materials such as plastics become brittle and could shatter on impact.
Steel is a sustainable material, as it is fully recyclable without major prior processing when grade-sorted.


Square posts and cross bars have a greater impact absorption capacity than comparable round tubes.
The energy is absorbed across a larger flat surface rather than along a small, thin area as experienced with round tubes. Therefore, the energy is distributed more evenly through the system.

Innovative floor protection technology

The patented PU FLEX element absorbs some of the impact, acting as a crush zone. This protects the floor and prevents the guards from being torn from their anchors.

TUEV certification

The BLACK BULL Impact Protection Systems have been tested according to stringent specifications by TUEV, who also acted as the independent testing supervisor.
(Some manufacturers only perform in-house tests under optimised conditions, which might be monitored by TUEV but do not meet the TUEV testing standards.)

Force absorption – adjustable to suit actual situation

Single-stage absorption:

Steel posts are anchored to the floor = rigid barrier

Two-stage absorption:

Steel posts + FLEX elements = FLEX Impact Protection System
Railing yields and thus provides crush zone effect: the force of the impact is reduced by the FLEX elements before it is transferred to the actual barrier system.

Three-stage absorption:

Steel posts + FLEX elements + plastic cross bars = Hybrid Impact Protection System
Double crush zone effect: the impact is first absorbed by the plastic cross bars to maximum deflection. Subsequently, the already reduced force is cushioned by the FLEX elements while the residual energy is transferred to the barrier system.

Depending on the actual requirements on site, the range of the BLACK BULL Impact Protection Systems (railings and cross bars) can be combined for maximum protection – as a rigid barrier or as a yielding system.

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