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PROline-tape Floor Marking System

PROline Self-adhesive floor marking tape is an extremely tough floor marking tape for quick and effective marking of internal surfaces. Aisles, traffic ways and other demarcation areas can be identified precisely, cleanly and economically.

  • Available in 50mm and 75mm widths x 33m long.
  • Six bold safety colours.
  • Three diagonally striped hazard warning colours.
  • Striped tapes are laminated to protect print surface.
  • Leaves no residue when removed from most surfaces
  • Ideal for short and medium term marking.


  • Widths: 50 and 75mm
  • Thickness: Plain: 0.15mm - Laminated: 0.18mm
  • Length: 33m
  • Core: 75mm ID
  • Colours: 6 plain - 3 Diagonal striped

PROline-tape is easily and quickly applied with the TAPEliner applicator, and is particularly useful where extensive marking is required. Also available is our PROline-tape Marking Set which contains all of the elements required to get started.

The PROline-tape Marking Set consists of:

  • 1 x TAPEliner Applicator
  • 2 x Rolls of PROline tape
  • 1 x Chalk Line and Refill

Versions/models of product PROline-tape Floor Marking System:

For details of product PROline-tape Floor Marking System, please refer to the table below listing all key features and versions.
If you wish to view a product data sheet of the selected version or model, click the product number.

Video PROline-tape Floor Marking System

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PROline Floor Marking Tape
Roll Length: 33m

50white 1.00 261.16.606
yellow 261.13.796
blue 261.19.771
red 261.13.752
green 261.18.249
orange 261.16.322
75white 1.20 261.16.619
yellow 261.18.798
blue 261.15.989
red 261.18.675
green 261.16.655
orange 261.17.531
50red/white 1.00 261.18.826
yellow/black 261.17.941
green-white 261.17.310
75red/white 1.20 261.15.954
yellow/black 261.13.438
green/white 261.19.066

PROline-tape Marking Set:
1 Applicator,
2 Rolls of PROline Tape,
1 Chalk Line & Chalk

Tape length (m)Tape width (mm)Weight
Tape colourArticle
3350 11.50 white 261.15.202
yellow 261.17.297
blue 261.14.977
red 261.15.660
green 261.19.541
orange 261.17.130
75 12.00 white 261.19.212
yellow 261.18.900
blue 261.16.487
red 261.16.560
green 261.17.656
orange 261.13.748

TAPEliner Applicator

Steelblue 10.00 261.16.528

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