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PROline-paint Outdoor Industrial Floor Coating

PROline-paint Outdoor Industrial Floor Coating is a most extremely tough and durable single-component paint, especially suitable for use outdoors. PROline-paint is suitable for applying to concrete, screed, asphalt and composite
stone surfaces.

  • For outdoor use
  • Fast drying with excellent covering properties
  • Wear resistant and durable
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Easy to use - no mixing of components

Easy to apply with either by roller (for large areas), brush or spray, it is fast drying giving excellent coverage and adhesion. It has good resistance against abrasion wear and most oils.

5 litre container will cover about 25m2

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PROline-paint Outdoor Industrial Floor Coating,

Single Component

5-ltr. container

white RAL9160 7.00 263.22.420
yellow RAL1023 263.25.624
red RAL3020 263.23.804
blue RAL5017 263.21.512
grey RAL7043 263.25.110

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