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PROline-paint Line Marking System

PROline-paint is developed for rapid and effortless marking of indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Long lasting, durable and cost-effective.
  • Easy to use – shake can, insert into applicator and apply.
  • Produces markings that are highly visible and are abrasion and chemical resistant.
  • Adheres to most surfaces – concrete, asphalt, tarmac, metal, tiles etc.
  • Fast drying, normally within minutes.
  • Economical – one 750ml can will produce 50mm wide line 50-90 meters long (Dependant on surface).
  • Environmentally friendly conforms to latest EU regulations.


  • Paint: Synthetic resin.
  • Colours: 8 safety colours.
  • Container: 750ml Aerosol can.
  • Propellant: Butane.

Application Tip: When marking synthetic floors or floors treated with synthetic sealants, we recommend you test compatibility, drying time and adhesion, before commencing project.

Please Note: PROline Line Marking paint is not compatible with PROline Floor Paint Indoor, Anti-Slip or Outdoor.

Also available is the PROline-paint Marking Set which includes everything you will need to make a start marking out your premises.

The PROline-paint Marking Set consists of:

  • 1 x PROliner Applicator.
  • 2 x Cans of PROline paint (Yellow or White).
  • 1 x Chalk Line.
  • 1 x Chalk refill.
3 Types of Applicator are available:


  • Minimal assembly.
  • Produces lines 50 - 75mm wide.
  • Rapid marking - upto 25 metres per minute.
  • Uses one can of PROline-paint.
  • Rear wheels are removable to get up close to walls and racking.
  • Colours can be changed without cleaning the machine.


  • All the benefits of the PROliner but creates line widths between 100 - 130mm using two cans of PROline-paint.


  • Specially designed for comfortable hand use.
  • Ideal for use with stencil sets.
  • Makes marking steps, obstruction etc easy.
  • Uses one can of PROline-paint.

Versions/models of PROline-paint Line Marking System

The table below lists all versions and models of product PROline-paint Line Marking System.
To view the respective product data sheet, click the product number.

Video PROline-paint Line Marking System

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Important note about product prices

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PROline-paint Marking Set:
1 Applicator,
2 Cans of paint,
1 Chalk Line & Chalk

MaterialColourLine Width (mm)Marking colourWeight
Steelblue50-75white 8.00 260.11.610
yellow 8.00 260.10.795

PROline-paint Applicators

MaterialColourLine Width (mm)Weight
Steelblue50-75 5.00 260.10.174
100-130 7.00 260.10.383

HANDliner Applicator

MaterialColourLine Width (mm)Weight
Steelblue50-75 1.50 260.10.437

PROline-paint Aerosols

Filling volume (ml)Weight
750 1.50 white 260.11.745
yellow 260.11.089
orange 260.17.886
red 260.12.976
green 260.11.015
blue 260.12.531
grey 260.11.057
black 260.11.954


PROline-paint chalkline, Marking line in reel box, length 30m 0.20 260.11.401
PROline Chalk Refill 0.50 260.11.117

PROline-paint Stencil Sets

MaterialLettering size (mm)Weight
strong plastic150 1.50 260.10.503
300 2.00 260.11.149

Do you have questions about PROline-paint Line Marking System?

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