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MNK NYLON Quality Barrier Chains

MNK NYLON Quality Barrier Chains are produced in high quality ultra-violet and weather resistant nylon, these highly stress resistant chains have proved their capability over many decades and as such offer a long service life. The links are non-conductive to electricity and can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees C to +80 degrees C.

MNK NYLON Barrier Chains are available in 6mm and 8mm dia., and are available in a range of bold colours, offering excellent signalling effect.

TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Chains are supplied in fixed lengths, shorter lengths than standard can be supplied subject to a 10% cutting charge.

MNK NYLON Quality Barrier Chains: Choose your version/model

For details of product MNK NYLON Quality Barrier Chains, please refer to the table below listing all key features and versions.
If you wish to view a product data sheet of the selected version or model, click the product number.

Important note about product prices:

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MNK NYLON Quality Barrier Chains

Link thickness (mm)Breaking load (daN)Test load (daN)Bundle length (m)ColourArticle
634020050red/white 210.25.373
yellow/black 210.22.511
red 210.26.797
white 210.26.681
black 210.25.185
yellow 210.21.462
853034025red/white 210.22.608
yellow/black 210.24.629
red 210.28.852
white 210.21.619
black 210.22.401
yellow 210.26.185

Nylon Links and Hooks,

Pack of 10

MaterialThickness (mm)ColourWeight
Nylon8red 0.20 216.12.210
black 216.11.828
red 0.40 216.10.962
black 216.10.490

Steel Links,

Pack of 10

MaterialFinishThickness (mm)ColourArticle
Top grade steelhot-dip galvanised and powder-coated7red 216.10.614
black 216.12.503

Steel Hooks,

Pack of 10

MaterialFinishThickness (mm)ColourArticle
Steelhot-dip galvanised and powder-coated7red 216.12.687
black 216.10.012

Steel Connecting Link with Screw Thread,

Pack of 10

MaterialFinishThickness (mm)ColourArticle
Steelhot-dip galvanised and powder-coated6red 216.14.713
6black 216.13.271

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