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MORAVIA (UK) Ltd develop and supply a range of products for your site and safety needs: Marking Systems, Hazard Warning & Protection, Site Safety, Street Furniture, Traffic Management and more.

This Website provides information about the MORAVIA range of products.

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Accessories Barrier Posts

Versions/models of Accessories Barrier Posts

The table below lists all versions and models of product Accessories Barrier Posts.
Click the product number to view the product data sheet of the respective model or version.

Important note about product prices

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Accessories Posts
Triangular key 0.20 130.12.326
Additional Keys 0.20 110.12.571
60mm Ø Barrier Post Ground Socket 3.00 100.10.773
76mm Ø Barrier Post Ground Socket 3.70 101.12.484
90mm Ø Barrier Post Ground Socket 4.10 103.10.698
70 x 70mm Barrier Post Ground Socket 0.20 102.10.906
Keep Plate 2.90 130.10.004
Ground Socket Cap 60mmØ 0.20 100.12.773
Ground Socket Cap 76mmØ 0.20 101.12.156
Ground Socket Cap 90mmØ 0.20 103.11.933
Ground Socket Cap 70x70mm 0.20 102.13.107
Ground Socket Cap for 60mm Ø MINDER A 0.50 135.17.900
Ground Socket Cap for 76mm Ø MINDER A 0.50 135.15.510
Ground Socket Cap for 70 x 70mm Ø MINDER A 0.50 135.17.280
Chain Eye - Wall fixing 0.20 109.17.947
Red reflective band, for posts 60mm diameter 0.20 109.12.027
Red reflective band, for posts 76mm diameter 0.20 109.12.940
Red reflective band, for posts 70 x 70mm or 90mm Ø 0.20 109.11.230
Accessories Stands
Wall Receiver Clip 0.20 179.16.000
Magnetic Wall Clip 0.30 179.26.987
TRAFFIC-LINE Stainless Steel Belt Post - Wall clip 0.20 179.23.874
Belt Joiner 0.20 179.17.430
Recycled base - black, for EXTERN Chain and Warning post 8.50 291.26.009

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