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TRAFFIC-LINE Wheelchair ramps for cable/hose ramps

Sturdy wheelchair ramps moulded in recycled rubber, for easy and quick installation on TRAFFIC-LINE 2-channel, 3-channel and 5-channel cable/hose ramps. Enables wheelchair users to cross cable bridges comfortably and safely. The anti-slip surface and profile of the wheelchair ramp guarantees reliable grip. Cables and hoses are fully protected.

The ramps also make cable/hose ramps easily crossable for wheeled walkers, prams, carts, etc.  Load capacity 200 kg.

An essential accessory for organisers of festivals, events or any other situations where hoses/cables are protected by hose/cable ramps.
  • Simply install anywhere along the cable/hose ramp run 
  • No fixings required: simply place the elements along the long edges of the cable bridge.
  • With anti-slip surface
  • Carrying handles incorporated
  • The cable/hose ramp cover can still be opened.
  • 880 mm wide for extra safety and comfort. 
Each kit includes 2 ramps. 

Dimensions (1 ramp):
744 x 440 x 75mm 
Colour: Blue
Material: Recycled plastic
Weight: 8kg

The wheelchair ramps are not designed to carry motor vehicles.

TRAFFIC-LINE Wheelchair ramps for cable/hose ramps - Variants

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TRAFFIC-LINE Wheelchair ramps for cable/hose ramps
recycled plastic
Length in travel directionWidthDrive-over heightColourWeight
744880 (kit)75blue 17.00 279.25.942

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