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TRAFFIC-LINE Guide Post - Suspended

The TRAFFIC-LINE Guide Post is manufactured in Polyethylene material, with red/white retro-reflective panels for high visibility day and night. It is designed to be attached to the floor and the ceiling by means of a cable kit which can be tensioned.

  • For indoor use
  • Variable mounting height
  • Red/White or Black/Yellow reflective sleeve
  • Highly visible day or night

It is primarily intended for use in identifying columns, air intakes, conduits – in fact any wall projection or hazard in buildings where there is traffic movement e.g. multi-story car-parks, underground garages etc. as well as highlighting traffic ways, entrances and exits.


  • Post: 100mm Ø
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Colour: Red/white retro-reflective sleeve, black/yellow retro-reflective sleeve
  • Steel cable: 2,500mm L (includes clamps and turnbuckle)

Versions/models of product TRAFFIC-LINE Guide Post - Suspended:

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TRAFFIC-LINE Guide Post Suspended
ColourHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight
red/white950100 2.50 290.28.881
black/yellow 290.22.266

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