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VIEW-MINDER Traffic Mirror

The VIEW-MINDER Traffic mirror range provides a winning combination of price, quality and safety that is hard to match.

  • Excellent image quality.
  • Shock resistant construction.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Eye catching red/white border.
  • Easily fixed to 76mm diam. post with bracket supplied.
  • 5 year guarantee against manufacturing faults.


Traffic regulation, manufacturing processes, warehouses, logistics depots blind corners, control points, crossings, bottlenecks etc.


  • Sizes: 400 x 600, 600 x 800, 800 x 1,000 and 1,000 x 1,200mm rectangular
                   600 and 800mm dia. circular
  • Material: Metalised acrylic
  • Frame: Reflective Red/White border
  • Bracket: Adjustable to fit 76mm post

Versions/models of product VIEW-MINDER Traffic Mirror:

For details of product VIEW-MINDER Traffic Mirror, please refer to the table below listing all key features and versions.
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Important note about product prices

This website is for product information only. Please contact us for partner/distributor details if you wish to purchase.

VIEW-MINDER Acrylic Mirror (complete with fixings)

Height (mm)Width (mm)Max. observation distance from mirror (m)Weight
4006005 5.00 243.10.847
60080010 7.00 243.12.742
800100015 8.00 243.10.178
1000120022 11.00 243.25.569

VIEW-MINDER Acrylic Mirror (complete with fixings)

DesignDiameter (mm)Max. observation distance from mirror (m)Weight
VIEW-MINDER 6006004 5.00 243.10.158
VIEW-MINDER 8008008 7.00 243.12.563

Accessory for VIEW-MINDER Acrylic Mirror

Bracket for 60er Posts, for VIEW-MINDER Mirror 1.00 245.18.573
Zubehör für EUCRYL Verkehrspiegel

Glavanised Mirror Post 76mm dia.

MaterialDiameter (mm)Height (mm)Weight
Steel tube, hot-dip galvanised763000 15.00 310.13.098
3500 17.00 310.11.268
4000 19.00 310.11.638

Galvanised Steel Wall Arm

for mirror sizeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Weight
all400500 6.50 245.10.893

Galvanised Steel Wall Post

for mirror sizeHeight (mm)Weight
1 and 2800 6.50 245.10.251
31200 9.00 245.12.944
Fork Top for posts
for mirror sizeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Weight
1400650 8.50 245.11.264
2 and 3400900 9.50 245.11.466

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