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TRAFFIC-LINE Off-Highway Posts

TRAFFIC-LINE Off-Highway traffic posts are used to guide traffic or provide warning of approaching hazards.

  • Self righting.
  • Easily and quickly fitted into base.
  • Fitted with reflective red/white sleeves.
  • Not for use on public highways.


Separation of single lines of traffic, to guide vehicles around or through a temporary obstruction, car parks, public events etc.


  • Dia.: 100mm
  • Height: 46cm, 76cm or 100cm.
  • Material: Polyethylene (Anti-aging)
  • Colour: Red
  • Sleeves: Red/White & Yellow/Black retro-reflective.
  • Base: (Optional)
                     Size: 27cm Dia.
                     Material: Recycled materials.
                     Colour: Black

TRAFFIC-LINE Off-Highway Posts: Choose your version/model

The table below lists all versions and models of product TRAFFIC-LINE Off-Highway Posts.
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TRAFFIC-LINE Off-Highway Post

Without Base

ColourFixtureØ (mm)Height (mm)Weight
red/whiteBayonet lock for recycled base100460 1.50 291.10.114
760 2.00 291.12.496
1,000 2.50 291.11.558
yellow/blackBayonet lock for recycled base460 1.50 291.28.861
760 2.00 291.25.790
1,000 2.50 291.27.118

Recycled base (270mm Ø)

Recycled Base for Flexible and Memory Posts - 60mmH 2.00 291.11.145

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