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TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts 90mm

TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts are a highly effective and adaptable method of boundary demarcation. TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts can be used with CONTROLLER Drop Down Posts, MINDER Removable Barrier Posts and TRAFFIC-LINE Railing Systems to create complete traffic control systems.

In addition to the normal fixing methods TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts can also be fitted into non-locking ground Sockets. For external use and extreme conditions TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts are available Hot Dip Galvanised which can be combined with red reflective bands and/or painted. For internal use powder coated versions are available.

  • Strong steel construction with aluminium caps.
  • Versatile - wide range of applications.
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Surface and sub-surface versions.
  • Available in four finishes.


Boundary posts, restriction of access to vehicles, demarcation of traffic lanes, walkways, industrial sites etc.


  • Surface Fix Post: 1,000mm High
  • Sub-Surface Fix Post: 330mm below ground - 1,000mm above ground
  • Post Dimension: 90mm


  • Chain eyes
  • Red Reflective Bands
  • Alternative paint finishes (contact us for details)
  • Non-locking ground sockets

Versions/models of TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts 90mm

For details of product TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts 90mm, please refer to the table below listing all key features and versions.
If you wish to view a product data sheet of the selected version or model, click the product number.

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TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts 90mm dia.,

Sub-Surface Fix

Overall H (mm)FinishColourAttachmentWeight
1330hot-dip galvanised and coatedred/whitewithout eyelets 8.50 103.10.646
1 eyelet 103.11.576
2 eyelets 103.10.382
yellow/blackwithout eyelets 103.11.316
1 eyelet 103.12.272
2 eyelets 103.10.091
hot-dip galvanised, with reflective red bandszinc colouredwithout eyelets 103.12.617
1 eyelet 103.11.594
2 eyelets 103.12.553
hot-dip galvanisedwithout eyelets 103.13.134
1 eyelet 103.10.600
2 eyelets 103.11.530
powder-coatedred/whitewithout eyelets 103.12.492
1 eyelet 103.10.310
2 eyelets 103.11.254

TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts 90mm dia.,

Surface Fix
Overall H (mm)FinishColourAttachmentWeight
1000hot-dip galvanised and coatedred/whitewithout eyelets 8.60 103.10.703
1 eyelet 103.10.157
2 eyelets 103.11.100
yellow/blackwithout eyelets 103.12.047
1 eyelet 103.12.995
2 eyelets 103.10.814
hot-dip galvanised, with reflective red bandszinc colouredwithout eyelets 103.10.446
1 eyelet 103.11.381
2 eyelets 103.12.335
hot-dip galvanisedwithout eyelets 103.11.288
1 eyelet 103.12.242
2 eyelets 103.10.063
powder-coatedred/whitewithout eyelets 103.11.007
1 eyelet 103.11.946
2 eyelets 103.12.900


Rawl Bolts 8 x 100mm 0.20 109.17.393
90mm Ø Barrier Post Ground Socket 4.10 103.10.698
Ground Socket Cap 90mmØ 0.20 103.11.933
Chain Eye - Wall fixing 0.20 109.17.947

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