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TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Board Systems

TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Board Systems are an effective and versatile system of traffic and pedestrian control, and are ideally suited to cordon off road works, excavation sites, building sites etc. Now much improved with stronger boards more easily fixed into redesigned upright posts moulded in HD Polyethylene (HDPE). 
The redesigned bases are manufactured from recycled materials and can be doubled up for greater stability.

The New TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Board System is compatible with existing systems, so no need to scrap your existing system. 
  • Improved for fast and easy assembly
  • Reflective panels for high visibility in poor light
  • Completely recyclable
MIRA Wind Tunnel tests confirm stability of the system as below:
Assembled format Windspeed (mph)
Recommended Ballast weight (kg)
2 posts, 2 Planks, 2 Bases 20.6 0
2 posts, 2 Planks, 2 Bases 40.3 10
2 posts, 2 Planks, 2 Bases 59.8 25
4 posts, 8 Planks, 4 Bases (Boxed) 61.6 20

Standard BS 8442:2006 states all temporary traffic barriers must be able to withstand 3 different classes of wind speed with the use of ballast as below:
Class A: 26.3m/s (58mph)
Class B: 17.6m/s (39mph)
Class C: 8.7m/s (19mph)

Conforms to BSEN 8442
Reflectivity to BSEN 12899-1
Chapter 8 – The Traffic Signs Manual
The Red Book 2013
Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions


Barrier boards:
  • Sizes: 1,250, 2,000 
  • Material: HDPE 
  • Colour: Orange with red/white reflective panels
  • 1,170mm H
  • Material: HDPE
  • Colour: Orange
  • Material: Recycled material
  • Colour: Black

Versions/models of TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Board Systems

The table below lists all versions and models of product TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Board Systems.
To view the respective product data sheet, click the product number.

Important note about product prices

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TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Board Systems HDPETypeMaterialLengthHeightColourWeight
PlankHDPE1,250Red/White 2.00 361.26.598
2,000 361.28.283
Upright1,170Orange 1.50 361.23.859
BaseRecycled MaterialBlack 4.50 361.29.439

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