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Cable and Hose Ramps

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cable and hose ramps: TRAFFIC-LINE Cable Ramp - Large

Heavy-duty cable guard with 3 cable ducts.

cable and hose ramps: TRAFFIC-LINE Cable Ramp - Medium

A medium sized cable/hose ramp with 5 channels for vehicular and pedestrian use.

cable and hose ramps: TRAFFIC-LINE Cable Ramp - Small

Lightweight cable guard protecting cables and hoses up to 40 mm in diameter.

cable and hose ramps: TRAFFIC-LINE Hose/Cable Ramp 10m Roll

10m Cable/Hose Ramp for 20mm dia. Cable/Hoses

cable and hose ramps: TRAFFIC-Line Hose and Cable Ramp

Drive safely over hoses, pipes and cables laid on the road. Strong and durable.

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Cable and Hose Ramps from MORAVIA - 60 years of specialist expertise

MORAVIA has been an expert company for protection equipment and marking systems for traffic areas.
Our Cable and Hose Ramps products have been tried and tested on many industrial and municipal sites.