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MORAVIA (UK) Ltd develop and supply a range of products for your site and safety needs: Marking Systems, Hazard Warning & Protection, Site Safety, Street Furniture, Traffic Management and more.

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GUARDA Chain Stands

GUARDA Chain Posts are the ideal low cost solution for cordoning off areas both internally and temporarily outdoors.

  • Quickly & easily deployed.
  • Corrosion proof plastic construction.
  • Low centre of gravity for stability.
  • Choice of three base styles.
  • Four integrated chain eyes in cap.
  • Highly visible post colours – Red/White or Black/Yellow.


Warehouses, production areas, shipping departments, administration depts. etc.


  • Post dia. 40mm
  • Post height: 870mm


  • Rubber: 265 x 265mm sq. Weight 1.8kg
  • Plastic (hollow): 300mm dia. Weight: Variable
  • Plastic/concrete*: 300mm SL Weight: 2.9kg

       GUARDA Chain Post Set. As detailed above but available in handy sets of:
  • 6 Chain posts and bases
  • 10m of M-POLY Chain
  • 10 Connecting links
  • 10 ‘S’ hooks

*Suitable for outdoor use.

Versions/models of GUARDA Chain Stands

The table below lists all versions and models of product GUARDA Chain Stands.
To view the respective product data sheet, click the product number.

Important note about product prices

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GUARDA Chain Posts

BaseH (mm) (mm)Base dimensions (mm)Weight
Plastic, triangular, concrete-filled870Side length 300 3.40 red/white 175.13.895
yellow/black 175.14.011
Hard rubber, rectangular265 x 265 2.30 red/white 175.19.222
yellow/black 175.16.601
Plastic, round, fillableD 300 2.00 red/white 175.16.320
yellow/black 175.18.711

GUARDA Chain Post Sets,

6 Posts, 10m Chain, 10 Chain Links, 10 Chain Hooks

BaseH (mm) (mm)Base dimensions (mm)Weight
Plastic, triangular, concrete-filled870Side length 300 20.00 red/white 175.16.146
yellow/black 175.13.735
Hard rubber, rectangular265 x 265 12.50 red/white 175.19.176
yellow/black 175.17.668
Plastic, round, fillableD 300 9.50 red/white 175.15.850
yellow/black 175.17.247

M-POLY Chain,

10m Lengths

MaterialLink thickness (mm)Bundle length (m)ColourWeight
Polyethylene610red/white 1.00 212.27.254
yellow/black 1.00 212.25.007

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