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EXTERN Heavy Weight Chain Stands

The EXTERN Heavyweight Chain Posts are especially suitable for creating temporary barriers. Base can be filled with sand, gravel, concrete etc on site.

  • Quickly and easily deployed.
  • Extremely robust and stable.
  • Post and base screw together for ease of moving.
  • Hot Dip Galvanised posts – anti rust coated bases.


Warehouses, production units, public spaces etc.


  • Post dia.: 60mm
  • Post height: 1,000mm
  • Base: 300 x 300 x 100 x 2mm

EXTERN Heavyweight Chain Posts with Recycled Base has all the features as above except that the base is of recycled material and the post features a chain eye cap which allows 6mm chain to pulled through. This feature allows the posts to be positioned regardless of the chain length.

  • Posts easily inserted and removed from base
  • Only requires two additional connecting links or chain hooks


  • Post dia.: 60mm
  • Post height: 1,000mm
  • Base: 450mm dia
  • Base weight: 15kgs

Versions/models of EXTERN Heavy Weight Chain Stands

The table below lists all versions and models of product EXTERN Heavy Weight Chain Stands.
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EXTERN Heavy Weight
Chain Stands

FixtureColourH (mm)DiameterBase dimensions (mm)Weight
Base tray without handlered/white100060300x300x100 7.30 170.10.853
yellow/black100060300x300x100 170.22.822
Base tray with handlered/white100060300x300x100 8.30 170.10.985
yellow/black100060300x300x100 170.88.001
Recycled base with handlered/white100060D 450 17.50 170.18.374
Yellow/Black100060D 450 170.88.030

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