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Wall Buffers

The TRAFFIC-LINE Wall Buffers are tough, impact resistant profiles designed to protect walls against impacts and glancing blows.

  • Solid colours throughout profile.
  • Simply installed with 6mm counter-sunk fasteners (not supplied).
  • Easily cleaned, resistant to conventional detergents.
  • Dimensionally stable and frost proof to -30 °C.
  • Easily cut and mitred with standard tools.
  • Colour coordinated blanking plugs for pre-drilled screw holes.
  • Range of alternative colours and profiles available on request.


TRAFFIC-LINE Wall Buffers are particularly suited for installation in rooms and hallways, public buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, waiting rooms, surgeries, industrial premises, workshops etc.


  • Thickness: 10 or 20mm
  • Height: 150 or 200mm
  • Length: 2,060mm
  • Material: Polyethylene PE-HMW
  • Colours: White, Light Granite, Black

Versions/models of product Wall Buffers:

The table below shows you the available versions and models of productWall Buffers so that you can choose the product that best matches your needs.
Click the product number to view the data sheet of the selected version or model.

Important note about product prices:

This is a product information website, not a webshop.Version/model prices are not shown.

TRAFFIC-LINE Wall Buffers,


ShapeLength (mm)ColourHeight (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight
rounded (type A)2060white15010 3.00 423.14.241
20 6.00 423.17.402
20010 4.00 423.18.836
20 8.00 423.14.682
light granite15010 3.00 423.14.556
20 6.00 423.18.514
20010 4.00 423.15.743
20 8.00 423.15.499
black15010 3.00 423.18.669
20 6.00 423.18.122
20010 4.00 423.19.744
20 8.00 423.15.908

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