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TRAFFIC-LINE Hi-Hoop Cycle Rack

TRAFFIC-LINE Hi-Hoop Cycle Rack for 2 to 6 bicycles provides easy and simple bicycle parking.

  • Strong steel construction.
  • Hot Dip Galvanised for long life.
  • Tyre widths up to 50mm.
  • Easy self assembly.
  • Hi-Hoop model is accessible from both sides.


Domestic, retail, industrial sites, shopping centres, public areas, public buildings etc.


  • Frame: Steel
  • Size: 415mmH x 390mmD x 350mm between wheels
  • 19mm Dia. tubular wheel supports
  • Capacity: 5 sizes for 2 to 6 bicycles
  • Finish: Hot Dip Galvanised
  • Type: Self assembly

Versions/models of TRAFFIC-LINE Hi-Hoop Cycle Rack

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TRAFFIC-LINE Hi-Hoop Cycle Rack

2-6 Cycle Capacity

Height (mm)Depth (mm)Width (mm)Number of bicyclesWeight
4153907002 9.00 169.13.535
41539010503 12.00 169.18.628
41539014004 16.00 169.15.104
41539017505 20.00 169.14.981
41539021006 24.00 169.15.566

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