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MORAVIA (UK) Ltd develop and supply a range of products for your site and safety needs: Marking Systems, Hazard Warning & Protection, Site Safety, Street Furniture, Traffic Management and more.

This Website provides information about the MORAVIA range of products.

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LOGO A Spot Marker

LOGO A Spot Marker is a versatile marker that provides conspicuous and professional markings that remain visible for up to 12 weeks.

  • High visibility fluorescent markings.
  • Fast drying-even on damp surfaces.
  • Reliable-even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Clear and precise markings.
  • Safety cap for safe and easy use.
  • Environmentally friendly – CFC free propellant.
  • Paint contains no methylbenzene, lead or cadmium.
  • Five year functional guarantee.


Cracks, surveying, construction sites, road works, road traffic accidents, incidents, use to indicate positions of underground supplies e.g. gas, water, electric, cable services, sewage measuring and recording work etc. Indispensable for contractors, site managers, surveyors, civil engineers police and fire services etc.


  • Form: Aerosol
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Colours: White, Yellow*, Red*, Orange*, Green*,Blue*, Pink*
    (* indicates fluorescent)

Versions/models of LOGO A Spot Marker

The table below lists all versions and models of product LOGO A Spot Marker.
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Important note about product prices

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LOGO-A Spot Marker

Filling volume (ml)Weight
500 0.60 white 270.11.421
500 0.60 yellow 270.11.581
500 0.60 orange 270.11.918
500 0.60 green 270.12.769
500 0.60 blue 270.12.662
500 0.60 pink 270.11.547
500 0.60 red 270.12.632

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