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Easy Rider® Speed Reduction Ramps

The TRAFFIC-LINE Easy Rider Speed Reduction Ramp is an effective and easily installed method of reducing traffic speed to approx. 10mph. Available in two heights to suit most applications.

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Moulded from recycled rubber.
  • Black with yellow striping and cats eyes.
  • Permanent or temporary installation.
  • Flexible design conforms to most road surfaces.
  • Channelled bottom facilitates drainage and cable/hose protection.


Car parks, retail parks, transport yards, schools, hotels, sports venues, warehouse/logistic yards etc.


       Centre Section
  • Size: 1,800mmL x 300mmB x 55mmH 1,800mmL x 300mmB x 75mmH
  • Colour: Black with Reflective Yellow road tape & cats eyes
       End Cap
  • Size: 228mmL x 300mmB x 55mmH 228mmL x 300mmB x 75mmH
  • Colour: Black only
  • Material: 100% recycled rubber & polyurethane pre-polymer
  • Fixing bolts: 12/100 included

Note: We recommend that appropriate warning signs are used with this product.

Versions/models of product Easy Rider® Speed Reduction Ramps:

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Easy Rider® Speed Reduction Ramps
H 55mm = 10mph
H 75mm = 5mph

ModelColourLength in travel direction (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight
Centre SectionBlack /Yellow300180055 35.00 284.21.993
Yellow/Black75 38.00 284.25.570
End CapBlack22555 3.00 284.21.702
75 4.00 284.23.739
Additional Fixings for Easy Rider Speed Reduction Ramp 0.20 284.24.099

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