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Collision Bars

"Collision Bars" is associated with product group "BLACK BULL Collision Protection Bars".

BLACK BULL Collision Protection Bars offer low cost, effective protection for plant and machinery from forklift trucks, roller containers, trolleys, pallet trucks etc.

  • Easily and quickly installed.
  • Low profile design enables easy pedestrian access to protected areas.
  • Protect machinery, plant etc.
  • Interior use only.
  • 4 fixing bolts required for straight bars - 6 bolts required for corner bar (supplied separately).


Protect shelving, cabinets, wall-mounted equipment (instruments, switch cabinets, first aid equipment etc.).


  • Lengths: 400, 800 and 1,200mm
  • Height (O/all): 86mm
  • Diameter: 76mm with 3mm wall thickness
  • Base plates: 10mm thick. Pre-drilled with 2 fixing holes
  • Corner Protection Collision Bar. Dimensions: HxWxD 86 x 638 x 638mm


  • Powder coated yellow with black bands

Note: Special lengths, colours, and external versions can be manufactured to order. Please ask for details.

Versions/models of product Collision Bars:

The table below lists all versions and models of product Collision Bars.
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BLACK BULL Collision Protection Bars,

76mm dia. 3mm Wall Thickness,

Surface Mounted

Ø (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)Weight
7686400 5.00 199.13.478
800 7.50 199.19.220
1200 10.00 199.14.143

BLACK BULL Corner Collision Protection Bars,

76mm dia. 3mm Wall Thickness,

Surface Mounted

Ø (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)Weight
7686638 / 638 11.00 199.22.677


Rawl Bolts 8 x 100mm 0.20 109.17.393
Through Bolt Anchors 12 x 120mm 0.30 109.24.665

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