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BLACK BULL Racking End Frame Protectors B

BLACK BULL Racking End Frame Protectors B are a refinement of our original End Frame Protectors, these new End Frame Protectors are easily installed providing protection to Pallet Racking End Frames from potentially hazardous damage from forklift trucks or other vehicles.

These End Frame Protectors now feature additional protection to the sides of the end frames for additional peace of mind.

  • Highly visible.
  • Strong effective protection.
  • Adjustable widths.
  • Easily installed with minimum loss of space.


Warehouses, distribution depots, manufacturing units etc.


  • End frames: 500mmH x 300mmW x 190mmD x 5mm Gauge
  • ‘C’ -profile Rails 100mmD x 40mmW x 3mm Gauge
  • Set 1 Adjustable Width: 900mm to 1,300mm      
  • Set 2 Adjustable Width: 1,700mm to 2,100mm
  • Set 3 Adjustable Width: 2,300mm to 2,700mm


  • End frames & ‘C’ Rails: Steel
  • Securing Blocks: Aluminium
  • Securing Bolts required: 12 per unit

Finish: Powder Coated Yellow with Black striping on End Frames (Indoor use)

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Versions/models of BLACK BULL Racking End Frame Protectors B

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BLACK BULL Racking End Frame Protectors BDepth (mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)FinishColourWeight
240500900-1300Powder-CoatedYellow/Black 32.00 198.23.925
1700-2100 43.00 198.25.753
2300-2700 48.00 198.22.185


Rawl Bolts 8 x 100mm 0.20 109.17.393
Through Bolt Anchors 12 x 120mm 0.30 109.24.665

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